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1. Sharing knowledge

Miss Legal empowers her clients to solve their problems themselves. We do this through comprehensible advice, useful blogs and inspiring workshops that we provide - also - on behalf of educational institutions, international organizations and the government.

2. Accessible every day

Miss Legal has no traditional offices, office hours or open days from nine to five. We work fully online, fast and are available seven days a week. Ask Miss Legal a question and get an answer within 24 hours!

3. Fixed Fees

Submit your question or problem to Miss Legal and you will immediately receive a handy advice or a practical solution. With us, you do not pay per hour, but a fixed amount per session, advice or solution.

4. One-Stop Legal Shop

Miss Legal works in teams of lawyers, tax specialists, financial advisors, lawyers, notaries, private investigators and business coaches. This makes Miss Legal the only one-stop legal shop where you get help in all possible areas, both nationally and internationally.

5. Strategic Partner

Miss Legal is your strategic partner who guides you with the business side of your life. We help expats, entrepreneurs and families with all kinds of legal matters. Present your problem to Miss Legal and immediately get a practical solution that will make you feel smarter and stronger.

6. International

Miss Legal offers legal assistance in Belgium, India, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Surinam, Turkey, UK and Ukraine. We speak English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Portuguese. We offer our consultations through (video) calls and in writing.

Miss Legal is not a traditional local law firm. Miss Legal is a legal platform and a community. We believe that legal and financial knowledge should be accessible to everyone. This is where you learn how to organize your life and solve your problems at a legal level. Miss Legal - your law school of life! 

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